Monday, April 1, 2013

Vet in Eltham advertised for a receptionist with upselling and cross-selling experience.

Vets are incredibly expensive and the last thing I want is to feel a vet may be upselling or cross selling to me rather than putting all their attention on the problem at hand, for which I am paying very high professional services fees.

A while ago it came to my attention the vet I was using advertised for a receptionist and wanted someone who had upselling and cross selling experience. At my next visit I couldn't help but feel the primary reason I was there was being overlooked and the vet was looking at other services to sell to me. I had to bring the vet back to the main concern.

After that appointment I decided to change vets.

I recently spoke to a mobile vet and they said upselling was now part of the industry.

I don't think upselling or cross selling should be part of any professional services practice. This puts the interests of the practice in front of the client and to me that isn't what I want from a professional service provider.

If you find a professional service provider directing you to others services they provide and not directly responding to your questions keep in mind they may be trying to upsell or cross sell. If something doesn't quite feel right chances are it may not be.

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