Monday, January 31, 2011

Oovie leaving Woolworths at Doncaster Shoppingtown

I just decided to try renting a movie from the Oovie machine at Woolworths in Doncaster Shoppingtown. Movies are only $2.99 a night. The experience was pretty good. I knew before I went the movie was available and it was a matter of a minute or two and I had a movie for the night. For future DVDs I can check what’s available and reserve the DVD on the internet which means I’ll know my choice will be available. That beats the local Video Ezy in Templestowe Village where the price is dearer, there is often no parking out front and now the parking inspectors are booking people in areas where it was previously OK to park.

Also what was very good was the ability to return the DVD to another Oovie machine. I was able to return the DVD to Safeway at The Pines in Doncaster East without a problem as I went past. I could have also returned the DVD in Templestowe Lower or Eltham, so no matter which direction I was going, there was a machine available where I could drop off the DVD. Now I can rent a movie whilst at the shops rather than making a special trip to the video store and another special trip to the video store to return the DVD.

The only disappointing part of the experience was the machine I chose is no longer going to be available, which means the rent one and get another free offer can’t be used. But that’s OK, as I doubt I was going to use it this week.

You know the really weird thing is the only reason I considered Oovie was the local video store used have to have good parking with two short term car parks out front. The car parks have now been converted to disabled parking bay. With all the restaurants at Templestowe Village, parking can be difficult to get. Had it not been for the parking situation created by the council I’d probably have never considered Oovie. But now Oovie will probably be the place I look first for my next movie.

Kelvin Eldridge

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mystery Eltham painter steps forward

Eltham High School has found the artist who created a painting depicting a colourful schoolyard scene that had hung in the school's main hallway for more than 40 years. The artist, Herman Sibel returns and meets assistant principal Trevor Jenkins.... Read More

- Kelvin Eldridge