Tuesday, March 6, 2012

mcupdate.exe can not start. File mcupdate.exe is infected by W32/Blaster.worm. Please activate Internet Security to protect your computer.

A new client from Lower Plenty dropped off their computer on Friday which had a virus. The program, Internet Security, which warned the user,  was the actual virus. As I understand it, Internet Security is a scam designed to infect the computer and then trick the user into purchasing a solution.

If you end up with the program Internet Security on your computer, you have a virus and need to get the virus removed.

I’d suggest that people obtain a fixed price quote for removing a virus. My approach is to first neutralise the virus, install the anti-virus software I have confidence in (many anti-virus products from retailers or which come with the computer I’ve found aren’t as good), perform a quick scan to locate any additional viruses and then perform a full scan which can take a number of hours. In this case the computer was a netbook and a full scan took 4-5 hours. You don’t want to be charged for the total elapsed time, just the time involved in fixing the problem. A full scan can be run whilst other work is done so there isn’t a need for the time to be charged. If you have a business and call someone out to fix the problem, you’ll often be charged the full time as the person needs to be onsite for the full amount of time.  Because I work locally, I’ll often take the computer away for clients so as to minimise the time involved.

Some virus infections are very difficult to remove. I suggest to clients to set a limit to their cost of around an hour and a half. In this case it took less time so the charge was reduced appropriately.

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