Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eltham library upgrade opening celebration

I was reading news about Eltham on the internet and found this PDF on the Eltham library upgrade opening celebration which runs from Monday the 20th of September to Sunday the 26th of September.

What caught my attention was the building itself. The Bulleen, Doncaster and Doncaster libraries tend to be libraries that appear to be stuck underneath the local shopping centres as simply a place for them to be. But check out the location of the Eltham library and the building itself.

I've often driven down the road as it is next to the park and I must admit I'd never registered this was the Eltham library. I'll now be dropping in to check out the upgrades, the building and surroundings. It looks pretty impressive.

I live in Templestowe and with the new Smartbus this might be the closest library to me being a 5-6 minute bus ride. I don't really use libraries, but I did have fun exploring them when I was younger.

A current pet project I've been exploring is a way to make all those books we have sitting around our homes available effectively for free. The idea is everyone puts their books up on the internet and then rents them out for $3 each.

At first this doesn't look free, but if people lend to others and then borrow from others equally, the money cancels out. This avoids the situation which is so common where a lot of people simply take and never give back. Check out my list of books at MyTreasure, or my personal development book page directly on this link. If you'd like to loan our your books everything you need is free including the software I provide.

Kelvin Eldridge

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