Friday, February 14, 2014

Is the 40 km hour speed limit in Eltham killing local business?

It occurred to me tonight that the speed limits placed on Main Street Eltham may actually be damaging the very businesses it is trying to assist.

I'd suggested we have Chinese at Eltham but the response was who can be bother with fighting the traffic and going through the main street with 40 km/h restrictions. I had to agree. It is rather annoying and I doubt if the speed restrictions achieve much if anything.

When you add the peak traffic issue crossing from Templestowe to Eltham and also the current roadworks, it has to be hurting business in Eltham.

Of course the loss from one area is a gain for another. In this case we'll head off to Bulleen where there's another business which makes really good Chinese food at reasonable prices.

The main point of this article is that if we sit back and do nothing about the rules government is putting into place and the roadworks that are only being carried out for their own services, then in the end private sector business suffers and the whole community suffers. We need balance.

Kelvin Eldridge

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