Saturday, August 10, 2013

Alert: Postal Vote Application delivered to your mail box may not be from the Australian Electoral Commission. Beware of material from Kevin Andrews MP.

I must admit this one shocked me. A couple of days ago I had a Postal Vote Application Form, which I was going to pass on to friends of the family to use, since they could use them and I had no purpose for them. The forms had arrived in the mail. I was gutted when I read the following.

People who intend to vote this way have been urged by the Australian Electoral Commission to take extra care when filling in forms, as postal voting applications sent to the household may be a vehicle for political parties to collect the most personal details of the voting public.... Read More

These forms reportedly aren’t from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and in fact are from the political parties. In my case I suspect the Liberal Party because it has on the back “With the compliments of Kevin Andrews MP”. When you fill out the forms according to the newspaper article they apparently go to the party where the information is collected and the form then passed on. It is illegal not to pass the form on.

This is all totally legal. I personally see this as a straight out scam. We expect it on the internet but when our own politicians do it what hope is there for this country. I’m both shocked and disappointed.

- Kelvin Eldridge
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