Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eltham North's Nicki Holding


John Rooke said...

I used to deliver "junk mail" and according to the market research done by Salmat the distribution source - at least 70% of households (amongst those with no letterbox prohibition) "looked forward" to receipt of "junk mail" particularly that from Safeway (or Woolworths) and Coles. It determines where many people, particularly older folk, do their weekly grocery shopping.

JustLocal said...

Hi John,

Thanks for sharing your point of view. I should probably have been clearer. I don't mind checking out catalogues both online and off.

I do wish the companies would go back to not including them in the local paper as there is no longer a way for people to have a choice to stop receiving just brochures and catalogues. The No Junk Mail sign worked for me. Perhaps I now need to put a No Newspapers sign on my letterbox.

Choice is good.

Again thanks for sharing.


PS. These comments should be under the article on catalogues but the technology doesn't enable me to move the comments. Sorry.