Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Free solutions for JustLocal advertisers

The following are the list of recently solved problems and some general information I share, via MyAnswers solutions to clients and advertisers on JustLocal. Perhaps one of these problems currently has you stumped. 

    When I type a wrong address into Internet Explorer I end up going to a Google search page. How to I stop this happening. Most of the time I know I've typed a single letter wrong and I just want to correct the web site address.

    I go to print a PDF document which I'm viewing on the internet using Internet Explorer 8. When I go to select properties for the printer (FX Docucentre-IV C3370 PCL 6) so I can select printer settings, the screen fades locks up..

    Be careful of companies selling low cost domain names.

    How to permanently delete your Facebook account.

    Review of an electricity bill for a family member between Red Energy and AGL - Saving estimated at $90 a year.

    When I start Windows XP Microsoft Security Essentials doesn't appear in the System Tray and if I right click on a file I can't scan it for malware.

    Repairing  cracked Applie iPhone screen

    How do I stop iTunes from opening when I plug in my iPhone? Most of the time I just want to charge my iPhone.

    Trafalgar European tour - Saving $270-$528

    Flight from London to Athens - Saving $126

    How do I stop 3 (Three) Mobile Broadband starting every time I turn on my computer?

    Setting up a robots.txt file

    If you're considering the Three service in this solution I share my experience with the performance of the Three service. Had I known what I know now, I would most likely have made a different decision.

    Creating your own search provider based on a search form in Internet Explorer 7 was very easy. Here I show how to create your own search provider so you can add it as a search engine for Internet Explorer 8.

    Travel insurance for Europe holiday. Well know travel agent - $749. My price from well known company - $352.15. Saving $396.85.

    I have a HP Color Laserjet 2600N. When I check for drivers for Windows 7 there is only a USB driver. I want to use the printer on the network. What options do I have?

These solutions are free for clients of Online Connections and advertisers on JustLocal. It is my way of saying thank you for your support.


- Kelvin Eldridge

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